How to Choose a Replacement Adapter for Your Laptop

Find your Laptop’s Model Number.
You may find this number located on a sticker on the bottom or side of your laptop computer or inside your battery compartment. If you can’t find it there, check your user manual or search your laptop’s built-in help program for the model number. You can also find it under your laptop’s system properties.

Find your Wattage Requirements.
In addition to your laptop model number, you will need to find out the voltage requirements for the laptop adapter. Laptop adapters have varying voltage (V) outputs, and using the wrong laptop adapter can damage your computer. Check your Old Laptop Adapter for voltage requirements information for your laptop. The output voltage will usually be listed as DC voltage. You may also want to check for product or part numbers that are compatible with your laptop model.

Find a Compatible Laptop Adapter.
Look for the compatibility lists in descriptions of laptop adapters you are looking at. Sometimes the compatible laptop models are listed in the product description or in a separate list. Laptop model numbers can often look similar, so make sure the model numbers match exactly. Please use search bar above to find with your exact laptop model.